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Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Blog Has Moved

Looking for The Bachelor (and other stuff)? I wrote about it, but now it's somewhere else! You can read below for details.

The blog is now here: notesfromahack.wordpress.com. You can email me for the password, magicgwynn@gmail.com. Thanks.

The Blog Is Moving

I recently finished a script that seemed to turn out well. It's about a Pastor with the perfect wife, perfect family, perfect life. And then he gets caught fucking a male prostitute and he loses everything (ripped from the headlines!).

He's kicked out of the church. His family hates him. But he wants to get back on top. He can no longer preach the way he used to though. It's just not believable anymore. So he changes it up. He confesses to everything he's ever done - nothing is too awful or embarrassing to admit. And he sells the fact that all of us have screwed up thoughts in our heads. He preaches, what he calls, the honesty doctrine.

"Do I like to fuck dudes sometimes? Hell yes! Smoke a little meth? Why the hell not? It's yummy!"

A few weeks after I finished the script, an odd series of events happened. All of them centering around this blog. And it made realize that that script is about me. No, I didn't have sex with a male prostitute, although doing so would've certainly spruced up the stories around this place.

I mean that, at some point, in writing on here, I realized that being as brutally honest as possible, and sharing even the most embarrassing things, made for better and funnier stories. So I came on here and just went crazy, and it was fun.

However, I don't know if you know this, but people in the general population can read this blog. Anyone can see it. I know, crazy! And when you are honest about everything, that can be a problem. Cause not everyone is me.

So I've come to the realization that it is time to keep this shit between us. 

There wasn't one thing that did it, it was multiple things at once. I didn't, like, not get a job because of this blog (that I know of). Though that could definitely happen. I didn't have an angry girl that I wrote about find the blog and get pissed. Though, again, that is possible. It was just that a bad pattern was starting to form.

I didn't like what I was hearing from some people important to me. I don't want people scared to hang out with me because they think I'll write about them. I don't want Rashida Jones to give me the stink eye in a meeting. I don't want Seth MacFarland to...wait, fuck MacFarland, I don't care about him. But you see my point.

This was supposed to be just a fun creative outlet, not a ruiner of lives! Thus, the blog is moving to a more private location.

It's funny that this is happening because what inspired me to start this blog in the first place was one of my comedy writing mentors. She started a blog and it was hilarious. Most of her stuff was about shows she worked on, meetings with execs, etc., and then the word got out. It caught on really fast and she had to use the nuclear option and delete the whole thing. It almost screwed things up for her career.

So when I started mine, fearing that, I used a pseudonym. But over 9 years, I got lazy with it, and it became pretty easy to figure out who I am. And career wise, and otherwise, that's not a good thing. I never meant to do harm to anyone, that was never my intention. And I'm not going underground to talk an extra amount of shit, I just think that we'd all be better off if this weren't so public.

It's been an awesome run, and I'm so thankful to those who have read it and stuck with me. You really need to find a hobby because I don't deserve your attention. But thanks to all, especially Original Heidi, New Heidi, Lisa D, Anna, Aurora, and of course, the newcomer on the scene, a man who my parents love more than they love me, Jay Finklestein. They never mention anything I write, it's always, "how about that Finklestein guy!". Fuck him. Let's put the focus back where it belongs, on me. (And I know there are a bunch of others who read but never comment, so thanks to you as well)

I would've preferred to stay on blogger because I'm internet illiterate. But their privacy settings suck. You'd all have to be members of the google army. But on wordpress you just need a single password. No need to register to some company or anything.

So off to wordpress I go. Hopefully, my friends and family and loyal readers will follow. There's going to be a lot of ways to go there and I haven't figured out all of them yet. But notesfromahack.wordpress.com works, and hopefully notesfromahack.com will start working soon. And I'm trying to make it so people coming here will be redirected there. Again, I'm not good with the internet so bear with me.

You just have to type in the password once and then you get everything (I think). Unfortunately, you have to email me for the password (magicgwynn@gmail.com). And when I decide you're not going to destroy me personally or professionally, you're in.

Sorry if it's a pain in the butt, but I hope to see you over there, thanks all.